Personalized care that takes into account your individual needs, health, and budget

while also ensuring you’ll have a hand assisting you in navigating the healthcare system.

Zachary Adams

Your Super Health Insurance Agent

To ensure you're protected from disaster, catastrophe, accident, and emergency. It's best to have a superhero on your side. Whether it's keeping your family safe, your employees protected, or your paycheck secure. Call today to see how I can rescue you!

I am Zachary Adams and I am your personal health insurance agent. Helping families, businesses, and the recently retired. Whether you’re sick or healthy, poor or wealthy, from birth to Medicare and everything in between!

I break down your coverage into 4 main categories and then build the policy to suit. This ensures you’re getting the ideal plan for your needs at a price within your budget! Adjustable deductibles, flexible networks, and personalized coverage from some of the best companies in the industry!

Why Does Insurance Have to Be Hard?

Having a Personal Insurance Agent Makes It Easy

The Most Important Thing I Do Is Not Selling Great Insurance.

You Can Call Me Directly

The most important thing I do isn’t selling great insurance. Once you sign on the dotted line I become your personal agent. Anytime you need to file a claim, adjust your policy, add a member to a group, or just have a question you can call me directly. You don’t have to wait on a 1-800 robot. I’m here to assist you for the duration of your policy!

I work directly with small business owners to ensure they’re getting the maximum tax credit and deductions available to them while ensuring they’re attracting and retaining employees by offering benefits that are within their budget while making certain the coverage is a boon to the employee as well.

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2019 - The Year My Journey With Insurance Began

I Found An Incredible Need For Insurance Education Both For Myself and Others

I started selling insurance in 2019 when a good friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. I saw his family struggling to navigate the claims process while also trying to plan a funeral and manage their grief while hospital bills continued to roll in. I found an incredible need for insurance education both for myself and others. I started helping individuals find coverage outside the marketplace and soon found my niche in small business. There is very little information readily available to small business owners and even fewer individuals willing to offer their expertise. I found my calling and began working directly with small businesses. Helping families find the right coverage for their specific needs.

I partner with like-minded business owners and individuals to find the best fit for my clients, whether that’s collaborating on business growth or helping guide them through their own, individual health plan. I specialize in consulting with small business owners; strategizing with their budget when it comes to their specific health insurance needs. And educating them on what their options are, whether that’s within an ACA compliant group plan. Or shopping outside the marketplace. I find what makes the most sense for their specific needs.